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So you have just entered the educational field; what are your goals? If you are planning on moving into administration, You might need to network. What teacher support systems and resources are in your school? You need to network.

As someone who only wants to be a teacher, I never saw the need to network. I am constantly trying to get better. I do my work as unto the Lord, as a result I am going to give excellent service, even when I don’t want to.  My network has been my work ethic.  I’ve never had a desire to join any organization or group to further my career. In the educational field, my goal since 11th grade has been to be a teacher.  As it relates to education, I cannot see myself being anything but a teacher.  So how did I get my job?  I started by subbing in my district. I made sure that I came to work early, and left late (even as a sub).  I earned a reputation for being professional, being prepared, working with the tough students, etc.  After subbing, I did my student teaching at the same high school that I went to.  When a job opened up, my master teacher got me hired.  “Why would you hire someone who you don’t know, when we’ve been able to watch this guy, who is one of us?”   Let me tell you how God works.  I took over for a history teacher who wanted to be an administrator. My student teaching was over at the beginning of the second semester and his administrative job started at the beginning of the second semester. That’s not coincidence, that’s the best network you can have. Later that year the high school I was working at was approaching 4500 kids.  There was another high school being built.  My old football coach connected me with the football coach of the new school that was being built. I got the job, by the grace of God; the interview was just a formality. After all they had already seen two and a half years of my work. 

I have never had any desire to move beyond teaching, so why join any professional network?    Am I connected?  My current principal used to be my student.  I’ve either coached, taught, or worked closely with every principal in our district, except two.  My kids were offered jobs before they were teenagers because of how well I treated my students.  

If you are just starting out, or if you want to go into administration, you have to network. I have the greatest network in the universe, my faith in God. 

To see some of the networks I have taken a look at, click here.

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