Failing Forward

How can I fail forward in the ADL program?  One thing I can do is share my failures with others and analyze them.  I recently scored  “B” on an assignment that I thought that I should have gotten an “A”, but after I went through and looked over the requirements, I was able to see that some of the feedback was accurate.  Sharing my failures and analyzing them will allow me to see what mistakes I’ve made. Next I have to turn my vulnerabilities into strengths.  When the program first started, I didn’t understand the syllabus set-up, when assignments were due, and I had a minimal understanding of Blackboard.  I have taken some time this session to focus on the areas that I am weak in so that I won’t make the same mistakes I made last session.  I have been seeking feedback, and I actually listen to what the professors say regarding my projects.  If I continue to do a combination of these three things in the rest of my classes moving forward, I will fail forward which will allow me to improve and be a better student. As well, the ability to fail forward will help me improve in my professional learning networks. I’m always looking to improve, and failing forward gives me the opportunity to improve.

Growth Mindset

The growth mindset for me in this program is the idea that if I continue to practice I can get better. I need to make sure that I focus on the process, and not just try to go from no Masters to Masters.  Focusing on the process will help me get the idea of yet.  I am realizing that the  process during the Masters courses is what is important.  As a result, I might not understand something right now, but I have to go back and revisit it.  Embracing challenge has been important during this session.  Taking 5302 and 5304 while being the head track coach, and a father to a family of people whose love language is time has been a challenge.  Before I took the head coach job, I accidentally saw a quote that said, “you can either be courageous or comfortable, but not both.”  Needless to say, I have embraced the challenge presented by the program, and I will continue to do so.  Finally, I will need to persist in the face of setbacks.  In the program, the road might not always be free of traffic, so I am going to have to be willing to be a persistent problem solver.  I think the growth mindset will help me be successful for the duration of the program. For a more detailed look the growth mindset, take a look at my growth mindset page.

An important component of the growth mindset includes controlling my thoughts and moving to action so that I don’t fall victim to the fixed mindset.

The C.O.V.A. Approach

The COVA approach is a great approach for the program.  The professors are using the constructivist approach to teaching, which means our classes are student centered.  I like the fact that we have choice in how we are able to complete our assignments.  The fact that we have choice also brings ownership.  I don’t want to throw stuff together, because I own it.  Moving forward in the program, I hope the professors will continue to give us authentic learning opportunities.  This session, I have had the opportunity to see how the information that I am learning about applies in a real world setting, and I LOVE IT!  All of these items contribute to me having a voice in my own education.  As a result, I think I really want to get better! Take a moment to look at how C.O.V.A. has influenced my own learning philosophy.


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