5302 My Contribution to the Learning Community

Whether it was working together with Brian on our e-portfolios, or talking with Wayne Starks about how we should attack the assignments, I have tried to make myself available to as many people as have reached out to me.  I do belong to a group of individuals that we call the ADL 5302/5304 group. We are in a GroupMe and we discuss our assignments on a regular basis. We not only discuss our assignments but we give each other feedback we look at each other’s assignments before we turn them in.  We critique the assignments that will be turned in. That same group meets on Wednesdays after class.  I have helped with numerous technical questions regarding WordPress, as well as questions with assignments.  Of course, I have had many questions regarding the assignments and I was able to take the feedback that I received from my classmates and put it into my work. Until I was named the head track coach, I went to every class meeting, as well as our own zoom team meetings (remember, I am in California, so everything happens while I am at practice).  I am also part of an even smaller core group within that group.  The members consists of Luis Herrera, Brian and Bianca Charles.  It was here that we learned about deaths, births, and medical issues.  

As a result of 5302, I took a moment to examine my work within my professional learning networks.  So I have included a video on the Professional Learning Networks page regarding my contributions at work.  Even though I am not at the meetings, I want you to know that I am not being lazy at my school site.  I am still contributing to my learning community at my school site.  The two people that are in the PLN page are actually my PLC leads. Who better to say what I am doing to help out my PLN then the actual people I work for. As well, I solicited feedback from some other people that I work with. Click the videos below to see some personal testimonies.  Notice, they are unedited.

So what should my grade be? According to the rubric, my score should be 89/100, because I missed some meetings for the class, and with my group. 

Just a little note, I choose to make this a page instead of a blog post. Taking ownership, I don’t really think this fits as a blog post in my scheme.