5304 Contribution to Learning

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Contributing to My Own Learning

I have actually been forced to put the ideas and theories into place this session.  The ideas found in Influence, the 4 Disciplines of Execution, Failure of Nerve, etc. were really helpful in helping see how I want to shape my track team.  While they were put into place for my innovation plan, I also used them in my duties as head track coach, as well as in a grassroots effort that we are building to raise the morale of the students and teachers at my current site.  Learning by doing is the best way to learn the information, and I can’t tell you how many conversations that I have had where I am actually quoting a book that we’ve read, or a video we’ve watched.  It is funny, because in the back of my head while I am talking, I am waiting for someone to say, “I watched that same Simon Sinek Ted Talk” or, “Get rid of complacency, anxiety and anger…that’s not you Wilson, that’s John Kotter.”  If you take a look at my compilation page, you will see pictures that I have taken regarding the application of the coursework in an area outside of my proposal.  Reading the material and watching the videos has been great for me!  I have thoroughly enjoyed 5304. 

My Contribution to My Classmates

Until I was named the head track coach, I was at every class session, and every meeting with our 5302/5304 ADL group.me group.  I have helped with numerous technical questions regarding WordPress, as well as questions with assignments.  Of course, I have had many questions regarding the assignments and I was able to take the feedback that I received from my classmates and put it into my work.  Again, I hate to beat a dead horse, but the only reason why I was not able to continue to be at ALL of the meetings and class time is because of my job.  However, I am still contributing to my learning community at my school site.  Click the videos below to see some personal testimonies.  Notice, they are unedited.

So what should my grade be? According to the rubric, my score should be 89/100, because I missed some meetings for the class, and with my group.

Just a little note, I choose to make this a page instead of a blog post. Taking ownership, I don’t really think this fits as a blog post in my scheme.