Assessing The Classroom

All of this research starts with a question and an outline of the components needed to answer that question. My question is, Does project based learning provide better learning outcomes as well as a greater level of student engagement for 9th grade Geography students? My action research design outline can be found by clicking this link.

Are you unfamiliar with Project Based Learning? Do you want to know what the literature says, but you don’t want to spend days looking through it? Are you curios about what the research says about my plan? Grab a cup of coffee, and take a look at my literature review. Then take a moment to read my innovation proposal.

So now that you have seen my outline, along with my literature review, take a moment and look at my action research plan.

In the video I mentioned that my classmates really helped my this session. Click here to see how my classmates helped my this session. You will also see how I was able to use the information I learned this session to contribute to my learning community at my job.