Contribution to Learning 5315

This session was very trying for me. What I went through this session was less about what took place in school, and more about what took place out of school. As a result of the adversity, and scheduling, I was not able to be as active in my classes as I traditionally would be. so I want to take a moment and give a very personal thanks to  the people who have helped me during the course of the past eight weeks.

My faith was tested numerous times this session. I spent the night in the hospital after chaperoning a dance on September 11. Needless to say, after my stay, I had to come home and put the finishing touches on my Action Research Design Outline which was due on September 12.

This session, I would not have made it through without Bianca Charles, Jarett Lindsay and Lindsey Wallace.   I am so busy, and when you pour life events on top of that, these past eight weeks school has taken a back seat. Have I watched or listened to all of the classes, the answer is yes. Have I done all the assignments, the answer is yes. Did I go through and do the readings? The answer is yes.   However, because I was not in our class meetings, I really had to rely on my classmates.   Bianca, Lindsey and Jarrett I made sure that I had an assignment calendar, they read my papers, they made sure that I turned everything in on time, and they checked on me regularly.  

It is a well-known fact that I am the head coach for two programs on our campus.  What is not a well-known fact is that my son is leaving for the Marines on October 17th.  It is also not known that I spent the night in the hospital this session as a result of a heart issue and I have been attending follow-ups to make sure that all is ok (it is). It is also not known that I am a change agent on my campus, and I’m being pulled in multiple directions in order to get our “Be The Change” initiative off of the ground.  Combine all of these issues, many  of which by themselves would be enough cause people to drop a class,  with my family responsibilities, and leading an audio-visual team at church and you have a very busy man.  

As mentioned previously, I faced plenty of adversity this session. One of the biggest issues I faced was a lack of time to adequately study. My literature review was a perfect example of this. I worked on it, but I was exhausted in the week leading up to the due date. When my peers looked at it, let’s just say it was trash. However, they really gave me feed forward, and let me fix the errors that I made.

My Son was supposed to leave for boot camp on October 17. At his going away party he was making some kindling for a fire and cut his finger. Now we must wait and see, this is definitely a Romans 8:28 moment.

Normally on the contribution to learning I would make an argument for why I deserve an 89. The fact of the matter is if you ask my principal and the rest of my admin team, as well as the teachers in my hallways if they get help from me on a regular basis, their answer would be yes. While this session, my Lamar team might  not be the group of people that I’m doing my projects with, I’m actually working with the teachers on my site or with teachers in districts like mine (low-income) , and using what I’m learning in the real world.

As for my role in the Lamar community, I watched all of the classes did the reading and watched the videos.  I think I would grade out at an 89, because I did not take a leadership role.

Again, while this might not be the typical contribution to learning type post, I want to take this time to show some love to my peers Bianca, Jarrett, and Lindsey, because I am not sure I would have completed any of my classes without them this session.