Contribution to Learning 5318/5320 (91)

My contribution to learning focus has shifted from the Lamar university cohort back to the main focus of my professional life, Adelanto High School. This contribution to learning examines my emails in order to illustrate how I am helping my learning community in areas such as infrastructure, mental health, excellence, and continuing education after high school. This is probably not your orthodox final contribution, but I believe that it shows my voice and authenticity in my true learning community.

What Could I Have Done Better?

What could I have done better this session?  From the Lamar cohort standpoint, I could have attended all meetings in real time.  I also could have taken a larger leadership role in the group that I am a part of.  However, I lead or am leaned on to lead in so many different ways in all areas of my life, that I never looked to be “the guy” heading up a group during my time at Lamar.  Again, as mentioned in the video, during these past two sessions I was focused on being effective in my real learning community.    As a result, if you didn’t watch the video, and you are just examining my contributions at Lamar, then I should get an 89.