Instructional Design

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In my course design I am going to begin with the end in mind. We’ve been hearing this  throughout the courses that we’ve been taking.  I think one of the problems that people make when they build out projects, is they start with step one. The best way to build a project out is to start with what you want the kids to get to (the end) and then design it backwards. The second thing that a person designing a class needs to know is that you have to be willing to fail in your design!  Finally, the first time that you give a project you have to be flexible in your time. I have mentioned before in the other classes that in California we used to have the STAR test.  What I would do is in the 6 weeks after the STAR test, I would try my new ideas or activities.

So, what is a project without collaboration? The PBL teacher understands the idea of organized chaos.  As a teacher if you’re going to use projects you have to get used to the classroom that is a little bit louder.  These classrooms give the appearance of being a little bit out of control. Kids might get out of their seats without permission.  The desks might not be in perfect order because after you take roll,  kids will scurry to all areas of the room.  Because this doesn’t look like a traditional classroom this might cause the faint of heart to give up. So here is a word of encouragement.  As long as your kids are working, and will listen to your commands when  given, they are good.  Besides, have we ever considered how learning can be taking place in a classroom that is absolutely quiet day in and day out?   

Geography Weeks 11 & 12

I believe that if you’re going to be an interactive PBL teacher your classroom has to be organized. If your non PBL lessons are too loose, or  your classroom has no structure, the kids may interpret you as being weak and may try to take advantage of a perceived weakness. Having your kids being organized through the use of Google drive and Google sites,  as well as the teacher being organized through the use of  Google classroom for assignments that they’ve missed really helps out.

Geography Weeks 9 & 10

Geography Weeks 6 & 7

 How do the kids get the information that competency-based learning requires? If you’re going to be a PBL teacher, you need to consider the flipped classroom. Let them take the notes at home, let them watch videos related to the notes at home.  Some articles you may have them read at home, some articles you may have them read in class so that you can discuss before you start your project. However you choose to do it is up to you.  However, can your class be PBL and notes based every day?  Try flipping  your classroom and let them get their information at the house. 

Geography Weeks 3-5

It is important to note that I am a mix of an outcome-based teacher and a competency- based teacher. I do believe that kids should have the opportunity to do assignments that have divergent real world outcomes. but I also believe that kids have the right to have that foundational knowledge that will give them the ability to think creatively in projects because of the competencies that they have learned. I also think that it is naive of us to think that teachers will teach, if we just let them roam around freely.  I have been in the profession long enough to see that there are teachers who do not teach, as a result there has to be standards so that every kid can get a similar education.