My ADL Journey

Part 1: My Why(s)

I would be a fool not to take a moment and thank Jesus! Whether you believe or not is your choice, but for me, Christ is the center of my life, and I had to rely on faith many times throughout this course.

Part 2: My Coursework

What follows below is an a very brief overview of what really stood out to me about each course that I took at Lamar.

As an educator, it is important to have a learning philosophy. This philosophy is what you base your teaching style, organization and class discipline on. Here is my learning philosophy. It is as a result of my learning philosophy and the desire to create a significant learning environment for my students that I came up with a plan to change teaching methods within my organization. To see my innovation plan and the research that supports it, follow this link.  Change is tough for students, and when you are different from the norm, many students often struggle to adjust. When this happens, you have to be able to show kids that they can overcome adversity. One method that can be used is by helping your students to change their mindset. Follow this link to find my research on the growth and fixed mindsets. There is also information on how to overcome a fixed mindset.  

If you are interested in making change in your organization there are a few things that must be done. First, you need to start with a “Why” statement. My “Why” statement can be found here . After coming up with your “Why”, in order to be able to change an organization, you have to exert influence. Find my information on how to exert influence by clicking here. As you are attempting to exert influence, you will need a plan, as well as an understanding of how change will take place in your organization. Take a look at this page to see how I anticipated change in my organization. If you have been working for any period of time, you understand that change doesn’t come easily. There will always be some outliers/sluggards who don’t want to get with the new program. Follow this link to see my research on having crucial conversations with your employees while being a confident leader.

What Does The Future Hold?

I’m not sure, but I know this…if you are reading this on a Sunday thru Thursday, I have to go to work tomorrow.