UBD Design Template

To see the UBD in its entirety, you will need to follow this >>>link<<<. The information on this webpage is not the entire UBD.

This video not only explains box #1 on the UBD template, but explains why box #1 is set up the way I set it up.

To put everything in context, you need to go take a look at my Innovation plan.

My Why

If you read my UBD in it’s entirety, you will notice that my view of financial literacy also includes a lot of anti-poverty information. Look at these worksheets to see why this information needs to be given to my clientele.

Here is the completed worksheet for Formulating a Significant Learning Environment.

The completed worksheet for Learning Environment and situational factors can be found here.


In order to understand the reflection, please take a moment and look at the 3 column chart that can be found by clicking on this link.

Experience is The Best Teacher

For over 25 years, I have been working with incredible teachers. Many of these teachers mentored me, shared ideas, and inspired me to create. I spent along time working in a department where we would actually compete to see who could make the best lesson. I am currently in a group that shares lessons. What they don’t know, is I am silently competing with them trying to make my lessons better than theirs. The the most important teachers are the thousands of students that I have learned from. These are the true references.

And then…


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